[ ih-tahr, e-tahr-uh ]
/ ɪˈtɑr, ɛˈtɑr ə /
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noun Arthurian Romance.

the vain and heartless lady beloved by Sir Pelleas.



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Example sentences from the Web for Ettarre

  • So down they went but Pelleas overthrew them all again so Ettarre called down from the tower above, "Bind him and bring him in."

    Tales from Tennyson|Molly K. Bellew
  • At last he rode up to Ettarre's castle, tied his horse outside and walked in through the wide open gates.

    Tales from Tennyson|Molly K. Bellew
  • Meanwhile Ettarre, feeling the cold sword on her neck, awoke.

    Tales from Tennyson|Molly K. Bellew
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