[ yoo-kuh-rist ]
/ ˈyu kə rɪst /


the sacrament of Holy Communion; the sacrifice of the Mass; the Lord's Supper.
the consecrated elements of the Holy Communion, especially the bread.
(lowercase) the giving of thanks; thanksgiving.
Christian Science. spiritual communion with God.

Origin of Eucharist

1350–1400; Middle English eukarist < Late Latin eucharistia < Greek eucharístia gratefulness, thanksgiving. See eu-, charisma, -ia

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British Dictionary definitions for eucharist

/ (ˈjuːkərɪst) /


the Christian sacrament in which Christ's Last Supper is commemorated by the consecration of bread and wine
the consecrated elements of bread and wine offered in the sacrament
Mass, esp when regarded as the service where the sacrament of the Eucharist is administered

Derived forms of Eucharist

Eucharistic or Eucharistical, adjectiveEucharistically, adverb

Word Origin for Eucharist

C14: via Church Latin from Greek eukharistia, from eukharistos thankful, from eu- + kharizesthai to show favour, from kharis favour
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Culture definitions for eucharist

[ (yooh-kuh-rist) ]

The sacrament of Communion among Christians (see also Christian).

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