[ yoo-loh-jee-uh; for 2 also Greek ev-law-yee-ah ]
/ yuˈloʊ dʒi ə; for 2 also Greek ˌɛv lɔˈyi ɑ /


Also called antidoron, holy bread. Eastern Church. blessed bread given to the congregation during vespers or at the end of the liturgy.
Greek Orthodox Church. a blessing.

Origin of eulogia

1745–55; < Late Latin < Greek eulogía praise, blessing. See eu-, -logy, -ia

Definition for eulogia (2 of 2)

[ yoo-loh-jee-uh m ]
/ yuˈloʊ dʒi əm /

noun, plural eu·lo·gi·ums, eu·lo·gi·a [yoo-loh-jee-uh] /yuˈloʊ dʒi ə/.

a eulogy.
eulogistic language.

Origin of eulogium

1700–10; < Medieval Latin, equivalent to Latin eu- eu- + (ē)logium inscription on a tombstone Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for eulogia

/ (juːˈləʊdʒɪə) /


Eastern Churches blessed bread distributed to members of the congregation after the liturgy, esp to those who have not communed
archaic a blessing or something blessed

Word Origin for eulogia

C18: from Greek: blessing; see eulogy
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