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[ yoo-fawr-ik, -for- ]


  1. feeling or generating intense happiness, confidence, and a sense of well-being:

    I’ve experienced both crushing defeat and euphoric victory.

    She was euphoric when she received the Oscar.

  2. Psychiatry. relating to or experiencing a pathologically exaggerated feeling of happiness, confidence, or energy:

    During a manic phase, people with bipolar disorder are usually euphoric and believe they can accomplish anything.

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  • eu·phor·i·cal·ly adverb
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Example Sentences

First and foremost, it delivers the almost euphoric refreshment that comes from seeing a major Hollywood film populated almost entirely by people of color.

Giving in was not an option Wednesday night, not with a small but euphoric crowd spurring on the home team with the type of energy not felt in more than a year.

Catnip’s repellent effect on insects — and its euphoric effect on felines — has been documented for millennia.

It’s the same posture taken by zealots claiming that this euphoric market has legs that can churn forward ever faster.

From Fortune

In a year of euphoric demand for growth stocks, particularly EV makers, this one stood out.

From Fortune

The director, Jonathan Demme, offers us a continuous rock experience that keeps building, becoming ever more intense and euphoric.

My dad in a kind of manic phase, feeling really euphoric and excited and like [sharp breath intake] kind of high.

But when I wrote the check, it was the most euphoric feeling.

Over-the-counter cough syrup may also be used, though the effects of that are more hallucinogenic than euphoric.

Upon hearing the news that the bill had passed in 2010, like many suffering with chronic pain, Portuguez was euphoric.

Both wore street jackets and both men had the unmistakable air of euphoric calm that came within seconds of Alcorn's approach.

The expression was finally used in earnest, and, by euphoric changes, reached its present shape.

Using subliminal verbal stimuli in his tickler, a man can be given constant supportive euphoric therapy 24 hours a day!

"He's euphoric," Paula said again, but her face was stricken.