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[ ee-vuhn-han-did ]


  1. impartial; equitable:

    evenhanded justice.

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Other Words From

  • even·handed·ly adverb
  • even·handed·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of evenhanded1

First recorded in 1595–1605; even 1 + handed

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Example Sentences

The remaining 17 percent of respondents were fairly evenhanded in their labels.

“We tried to be evenhanded, and Poitras is squarely on the side of Snowden,” Condon says.

Given a screeching demagogue and an evenhanded, mild-mannered technocrat, people will always be more drawn to the former.

To have any chance at success, Washington must end its pro-Israel favoritism in return for an evenhanded approach.

But here's the thing: the government's job is to be evenhanded, even with folks who don't like the job they're doing.

Yet his “all of the above” rhetoric comes off as more evenhanded and substantial than the drill- baby-drill GOP set.

But the law is evenhanded; it levies an equal succession-tax on the transmission of badness as of goodness.

Did not evenhanded justice ere-long commend the poisoned chalice to their own lips?

The Thin One settled all night disputes in the most evenhanded way.