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    break even, to have one's profits equal one's losses; neither gain nor lose: The company barely broke even last year.
    get even, to be revenged; retaliate: He vowed to get even for the insult.

Origin of even

before 900; (adj.) Middle English; Old English efen; cognate with Gothic ibns, Old High German eban, Old Norse jafn even, equal; (adv.) Middle English even(e), Old English efne, derivative of the adj.; (v.) Middle English evenen, Old English efnan to lower, derivative of the adj.

1. plane. See level. 12. tranquil, temperate, composed, peaceful. 13. just.

Related formse·ven·er, noune·ven·ly, adverbe·ven·ness, noun


[ ee-vuh n ]
/ ˈi vən /

noun Archaic.

evening; eve.

Origin of even

before 950; Middle English; Old English ǣfen; akin to German Abend, Old Frisian ēvend. See evening


[ ey-wuh n, ev-uh n ]
/ ˈeɪ wən, ˈɛv ən /

noun, plural E·vens, (especially collectively) E·ven for 1.

a member of a Siberian people living mainly in the Yakut Autonomous Republic in the Russian Federation.
the Tungusic language spoken by the Even.

Origin of Even

< Russian ėvén < Evenki əwən

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British Dictionary definitions for even


/ (ˈiːvən) /




to make or become even

Derived Formsevener, nounevenly, adverbevenness, noun

Word Origin for even

Old English efen; related to Old Norse jafn even, equal, Gothic ibns, Old High German eban


an archaic word for eve, evening

Word Origin for even

Old English ǣfen; related to Old Frisian ēvend, Old High German āband

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Science definitions for even


[ ēvən ]

Divisible by 2 with a remainder of 0, such as 12 or 876.
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  • even so

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