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  1. a person or thing that intensifies.
  2. Grammar. a word, especially an adverb, or other linguistic element that indicates, and usually increases, the degree of emphasis or force to be given to the element it modifies, as very or somewhat; intensive adverb.
  3. a ram-operated device for increasing hydraulic pressure.
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Origin of intensifier

First recorded in 1825–35; intensify + -er1
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Examples from the Web for intensifier

Historical Examples

  • Not only is the current a messenger, but it is also an intensifier of magical power.

    Fragments of science, V. 1-2

    John Tyndall

  • Avoid, in writing, the use of so as an intensifier: “so good;” “so warm;” “so delightful.”

    The Elements of Style

    William Strunk

  • The apparatus known as an intensifier was then used, by which any pressure required could be obtained.

  • As Felix put it, he was "very dead," though the word hardly admits of an intensifier.

  • The foregoing uranium bath acts as an intensifier while conferring a ruddy tone on the deposit.

British Dictionary definitions for intensifier


  1. a person or thing that intensifies
  2. a word, esp an adjective or adverb, that has little semantic content of its own but that serves to intensify the meaning of the word or phrase that it modifies: awfully and up are intensifiers in the phrases awfully sorry and cluttered up
  3. a substance, esp one containing silver or uranium, used to increase the density of a photographic film or plateCompare reducer (def. 1)
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