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[ ih-ven-choo-al-i-tee ]


, plural e·ven·tu·al·i·ties.
  1. a contingent event; a possible occurrence or circumstance:

    Rain is an eventuality to be reckoned with in planning the picnic.

  2. the state or fact of being eventual; contingent character.


/ ɪˌvɛntʃʊˈælɪtɪ /


  1. a possible event, occurrence, or result; contingency

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Word History and Origins

Origin of eventuality1

First recorded in 1750–60; eventual + -ity
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Example Sentences

So they just had to have confidence they’d prepared Perseverance for any eventuality and that it could navigate to a precise spot on an ancient Martian lake bed.

From Time

We need to get as many people vaccinated with the current vaccine that we have as we possibly can … and prepare for the potential eventuality that we might have to update this vaccine sometime in the future.

There’s plenty to be said for covering your bases and preparing for any eventuality, which McCarthy clearly has.

Even with a hampered electrical system, the calm and seasoned Komarov was able to manually orient his spacecraft to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere despite having never trained for such an eventuality.

From Ozy

It is not possible to encode all useful behavioral responses into the genome in order to have a newborn equipped to deal with every eventuality.

He added: “The assets and capabilities we wanted were there to ensure we could deal with any threat, any eventuality.”

Do you watch it right away or do you set it aside for some eventuality like a terrible flu or a terrible snow storm?

The scenes were filmed dozens of times, he said, allowing for every eventuality.

I also think that “Obama is going to sell us out” columns somehow help make that eventuality come true.

Such an eventuality would, after all, fulfill their Carter talking point and enable them to go to town on it.

He was prepared for any eventuality, and his hand in the pocket of his coat held his pistol, but he was startled at what he saw.

Meade, however, after discussing the eventuality of a retreat with his corps commanders, made up his mind to hold his ground.

But he added that, of course, the French General Staff had plans ready to meet any eventuality.

What had been the feelings of the good Paoli, could he have foreseen this eventuality, as he promised and vowed beside the font!

I did not pretend to any desire of embracing Christianity, nor did Mr. Adler, on his part, so much as hint at that eventuality.