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[ ig-zak-ting ]


  1. rigid or severe in demands or requirements:

    an exacting teacher.

  2. requiring close application or attention:

    an exacting task.

  3. given to or characterized by exaction; extortionate.


/ ɪɡˈzæktɪŋ /


  1. making rigorous or excessive demands

    an exacting job

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Derived Forms

  • exˈactingness, noun
  • exˈactingly, adverb

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Other Words From

  • ex·acting·ly adverb
  • ex·acting·ness noun
  • nonex·acting adjective
  • nonex·acting·ly adverb
  • nonex·acting·ness noun
  • over·ex·acting adjective
  • super·ex·acting adjective
  • unex·acting adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of exacting1

First recorded in 1575–85; exact + -ing 2

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Example Sentences

Both the IRA and the British military are portrayed here with an exacting lack of sentimentality.

The pair, who are exhibiting together in Fred Schnider Gallery’s “Material Reality,” make elaborate, exacting assemblages.

She offers to teach Teichner the exacting steps involved in the time-consuming preparation for administering the meds.

Viewed through the exacting lens of an engineer, Beckwith was struck by agriculture’s inefficiencies.

He was known to be a tough and exacting boss who regularly and relentlessly drilled his analysts to prepare them for client meetings.

Qualification is exacting, and a majority of the teams that do qualify are from the West.

Brazier was feared for her ferocious tempers and respected for her exacting standards.

Munro is a great writer; a wise writer; a free and brave, exacting, transformative, generous, and profoundly discreet writer.

But exacting concessions from the mediator is not the point.

But legal justice, no less moral or exacting, is something else.

He knew his control was not equal to the task; he would betray himself; the rôle was too exacting.

Mr. Carr, who had his eyes on the exacting baby, shook his head, and intimated that he was really unable to understand her.

Marriage, and later the birth of his son had softened Armand Aubigny's imperious and exacting nature greatly.

At the end of the concerto the applause was generous enough to satisfy the most exacting virtuoso.

As they get accustomed to her, they want to rule her, and the more one gives them the more exacting they become.





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