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[eg-zan-thuh m, ig-, ek-san-]
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noun Pathology.
  1. an eruptive disease, especially one attended with fever, as smallpox or measles.
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Origin of exanthem

1650–60; < Late Latin exanthēma < Greek exánthēma skin eruption, breaking forth, literally, a bursting into flower, equivalent to ex- ex-3 + anthē- (verbid stem of antheîn to blossom; see antho-) + -ma noun suffix
Related formsex·an·the·mat·ic [eg-zan-thuh-mat-ik, ek-san-] /ɛgˌzæn θəˈmæt ɪk, ɛkˌsæn-/, ex·an·them·a·tous [eg-zan-them-uh-tuh s, ek-san-] /ˌɛg zænˈθɛm ə təs, ˌɛk sæn-/, adjective
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