[ eg-zan-thee-muh, ek-san- ]
/ 藢蓻g z忙n藞胃i m蓹, 藢蓻k s忙n- /
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noun, plural ex路an路the路ma路ta [eg-zan-them-uh-tuh, -thee-muh-], /藢蓻g z忙n藞胃蓻m 蓹 t蓹, -藞胃i m蓹-/, ex路an路the路mas.
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Origin of exanthema

First recorded in 1650鈥60
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How to use exanthema in a sentence

  • This contagious disease is called coital exanthema or vesicular exanthema, and is more or less prevalent on the Continent.

    Special Report on Diseases of Cattle|U.S. Department of Agriculture

British Dictionary definitions for exanthema


exanthem (蓻k藞s忙n胃蓹m)

/ (藢蓻ks忙n藞胃i藧m蓹) /

noun plural -themata (-藞胃i藧m蓹t蓹), -themas or -thems
a skin eruption or rash occurring as a symptom in a disease such as measles or scarlet fever

Derived forms of exanthema

exanthematous (藢蓻ks忙n藞胃蓻m蓹t蓹s) or exanthematic (蓻k藢s忙n胃瑟藞m忙t瑟k), adjective

Word Origin for exanthema

C17: via Late Latin from Greek, from exanthein to burst forth, from anthein to blossom, from anthos flower
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Medical definitions for exanthema

[ 臅g鈥瞶膬n-th膿m蓹 ]

A skin eruption occurring as a symptom of an acute viral or coccal disease.
A disease, such as measles or scarlet fever, accompanied by a skin eruption.

Other words from exanthema

ex鈥n鈥瞭he鈥atic (沫g-z膬n鈥-th蓹-m膬t沫k) null adj.
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