[ ik-skres-uhns ]
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  1. an abnormal outgrowth, usually harmless, on an animal or vegetable body: The patient had moles, swollen red dots, and other excrescences all over the body.

  2. a normal outgrowth, as hair or horns.

  1. any disfiguring addition.

  2. abnormal growth or increase.

  3. Phonetics. the insertion or addition of a sound, usually a consonant, as a result of articulatory interaction without grammatical or historical justification, like the t-sound in prince or the p-sound in hamster.

Origin of excrescence

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English; from Latin excrēscentia; see excrescent, -ence

Other words from excrescence

  • su·per·ex·cres·cence, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for excrescence


/ (ɪkˈskrɛsəns) /

  1. a projection or protuberance, esp an outgrowth from an organ or part of the body

Derived forms of excrescence

  • excrescential (ˌɛkskrɪˈsɛnʃəl), adjective

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