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[ ig-zemp-shuhn ]


  1. the circumstances of a taxpayer, such as their age or number of dependents, that allow them to make certain deductions from taxable income.
  2. the act of exempting.
  3. the state of being exempted; immunity.

    Synonyms: exception

    Antonyms: liability

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Other Words From

  • ex·emptive adjective
  • nonex·emption noun
  • preex·emption noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of exemption1

First recorded in 1350–1400; late Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin exemptiōn- (stem of exemptiō ) “removal.” See exempt, -ion

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Synonym Study

Exemption, immunity, impunity imply special privilege or freedom from imposed requirements. Exemption implies release or privileged freedom from some duty, tax, etc.: exemption from military service. Immunity implies freedom from a penalty or from some liability, especially one that is disagreeable or threatening: immunity from disease. Impunity (limited mainly to the fixed expression with impunity ) primarily suggests freedom from punishment: The police force was so inadequate that crimes could be committed with impunity.

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Example Sentences

Newsom has, however, wasted little time signing into law an update to AB 5 that removes a cap on freelance journalism and carves out further exemptions for youth sports coaches, music industry professionals and others.

SeaWorld, in the late ’90s, persuaded voters to allow it to build roller coasters but there has not been an exemption since then.

A new state law has since been passed that exposes doctors who write significant numbers of exemptions to increased scrutiny.

Nonetheless, she wrote the child a permanent exemption for all vaccines.

While South Koreans have cheered BTS’s success, military service exemptions are controversial in a country where issues of inequality and privilege dominate the political debate.

From Fortune

Veterinarians may continue prescribing the old-fashioned way, without exemption, as can prescriptions to be filled out of state.

Six months after we spoke, more than two-dozen have successfully qualified, and won the same exemption.

But the exemption was also born of prejudice and discrimination.

Washington also had one of the largest exemption rates last year, at 4.7 percent, according to the CDC report.

The median total exemption rate was 1.8 percent this year, the same as in 2012-2013.

But more particularly the exemption from sickness; which is a 183 very evident miracle.

The Commissioners strongly recommended the exemption of the putative father from any legal obligation to reimburse the parish.

A payment of £60 frees them from service during peace; but if the country is at war there is no exemption.

It was quite possible for ungildated tradesmen to purchase temporary or partial exemption from the local restrictions.

They have gained that exemption from military service which Kurds and Christians earnestly desire.





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