[ ek-spi-dish-uh n ]
/ ˌɛk spɪˈdɪʃ ən /


an excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose, as of war or exploration.
the group of persons, ships, etc., engaged in such an activity: a large expedition of scientists and military personnel.
promptness or speed in accomplishing something: He worked with great expedition.

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Origin of expedition

1400–50; late Middle English < Latin expedītiōn- (stem of expedītiō) a (military) traveling. See expedite, -ion

SYNONYMS FOR expedition
1. See trip1. 3. quickness, dispatch, alacrity.

Related formspre·ex·pe·di·tion, noun

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/ (ˌɛkspɪˈdɪʃən) /


an organized journey or voyage for a specific purpose, esp for exploration or for a scientific or military purpose
the people and equipment comprising an expedition
a pleasure trip; excursion
promptness in acting; dispatch

Word Origin for expedition

C15: from Latin expedītiō, from expedīre to prepare, expedite

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Word Origin and History for expedition



early 15c., "military campaign; the act of rapidly setting forth," from Middle French expédition (13c.) and directly from Latin expeditionem (nominative expeditio), noun of action from past participle stem of expedire (see expedite). Meaning "journey for some purpose" is from 1590s. Sense by 1690s also included the body of persons on such a journey. Related: Expeditionary.

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see fishing expedition.

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