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  1. pertaining to, derived from, or founded on experiment: an experimental science.
  2. of the nature of an experiment; tentative: The new program is still in an experimental stage.
  3. functioning as an experiment or used for experimentation: an experimental airplane.
  4. based on or derived from experience; empirical: experimental knowledge.
  1. something that is experimental.

Origin of experimental

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English word from Medieval Latin word experīmentālis. See experiment, -al1
Related formsex·per·i·men·tal·ly, adverbnon·ex·per·i·men·tal, adjectivenon·ex·per·i·men·tal·ly, adverbpost·ex·per·i·men·tal, adjectivepre·ex·per·i·men·tal, adjectivepseu·do·ex·per·i·men·tal, adjectivepseu·do·ex·per·i·men·tal·ly, adverbqua·si-ex·per·i·men·tal, adjectivequa·si-ex·per·i·men·tal·ly, adverbsem·i·ex·per·i·men·tal, adjectivesem·i·ex·per·i·men·tal·ly, adverbun·ex·per·i·men·tal, adjectiveun·ex·per·i·men·tal·ly, adverb
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  1. relating to, based on, or having the nature of experimentan experimental study
  2. based on or derived from experience; empiricalexperimental evidence
  3. tending to experimentan experimental artist
  4. tentative or provisionalan experimental rule in football
Derived Formsexperimentally, adverb
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Word Origin and History for experimental

mid 15c., "having experience," from experiment (n.) + -al (1). Meaning "based on experience" is from 1560s. Meaning "for the sake of experiment" is from 1792 (e.g. Experimental farm).

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