[noun ik-sper-uh-muhnt; verb ek-sper-uh-ment]


a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown or of testing a principle, supposition, etc.: a chemical experiment; a teaching experiment; an experiment in living.
the conducting of such operations; experimentation: a product that is the result of long experiment.
Obsolete. experience.

verb (used without object)

to try or test, especially in order to discover or prove something: to experiment with a new procedure.

Origin of experiment

1325–75; Middle English: proof < Latin experīmentum. See experience, -ment
Related formsex·per·i·ment·er, ex·per·i·men·tor, ex·per·i·men·ta·tor, nounpre·ex·per·i·ment, nounpro·ex·per·i·ment, adjectivere·ex·per·i·ment, verb (used without object), nounun·ex·per·i·ment·ed, adjective

Synonyms for experiment

Synonym study

1. See trial.
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Historical Examples of experimented

  • She had not experimented to an authoritative extent with the desert pickles.

    Her Father's Daughter

    Gene Stratton-Porter

  • We experimented with it, after we had first noticed it, but we don't any more.

    Questionable Shapes

    William Dean Howells

  • It is claimed that Newton experimented with a steam motor in 1680.

    The Railroad Question

    William Larrabee

  • Some such exercises have already been experimented with, and others might be devised.

  • As one member after the other experimented with him he described their dress.


    W. W. Baggally

British Dictionary definitions for experimented


noun (ɪkˈspɛrɪmənt)

a test or investigation, esp one planned to provide evidence for or against a hypothesis: a scientific experiment
the act of conducting such an investigation or test; experimentation; research
an attempt at something new or different; an effort to be originala poetic experiment
an obsolete word for experience

verb (ɪkˈspɛrɪˌmɛnt)

(intr) to make an experiment or experiments
Derived Formsexperimenter, noun

Word Origin for experiment

C14: from Latin experīmentum proof, trial, from experīrī to test; see experience
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Word Origin and History for experimented



mid-14c., from Old French esperment "practical knowledge, cunning, enchantment; trial, proof, example, lesson," from Latin experimentum "a trial, test, proof, experiment," noun of action from experiri "to test, try" (see experience).



late 15c., from experiment (n.). Related: Experimented; experimenting.

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Medicine definitions for experimented




A test under controlled conditions that is made to demonstrate a known truth, to examine the validity of a hypothesis, or to determine the efficacy of something previously untried.
The process of conducting such a test; experimentation.
An innovative act or procedure.
The result of experimentation.


To conduct an experiment.
To try something new, especially in order to gain experience.
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Science definitions for experimented



A test or procedure carried out under controlled conditions to determine the validity of a hypothesis or make a discovery. See Note at hypothesis.
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