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[ ik-spley-ner ]


  1. a person, document, video, etc., that explains something (often used attributively):

    an explainer article that gives the reader background information about a news story.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of explainer1

First recorded in 1575–1600; explain ( def ) + -er 1( def )

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Example Sentences

The more complexity involved in buying a product or service, the more inbound marketing efforts such as blog posts, explainer videos, and even chatbots aren’t enough to address all of a customer’s concerns.

Resnick has a thorough explainer that debunks why a negative test is not an all-clear for engaging in risky activities.

From Vox

Follow along below for Vox’s election coverage, including breaking news updates, analysis, explainers, and more.

From Vox

As Demsas detailed in a recent explainer, Georgia’s runoff system effectively started in 1962.

From Vox

Teachers found themselves in the role of both explainer and reassurer.

Vulture wrote a helpful-ish explainer about how to make sure you see it.

The explainer in chief can easily and eloquently point to all that.

Strugnell took the opportunity and ran with it—shooting, editing, and uploading an explainer video Sunday evening.

Here's a good explainer from Sharron Ward in Foreign Policy about the group behind the Bengazi attacks.

If something graver could but be sifted out from all these journals and letters of frank confession, by the explainer!

This review, however, and Harvey's letter have convinced me that I must be a very bad explainer.

But the explanation of evils is never consoling except to the explainer.

It is strange that very few do, and I am become quite convinced that I must be an extremely bad explainer.

He thought of Bette, the inveterate explainer and double-take expert.


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