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[ ik-sploi-tid ]


  1. utilized or made practical use of, especially for profit:

    Edible insects are a widely exploited food source among many of the world’s Indigenous populations.

  2. used selfishly by someone for their own ends:

    Every one of these exploited workers shared stories of their inhumane working conditions and their determination to fight back.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of exploit 2( def ).
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Other Words From

  • half-ex·ploit·ed adjective
  • self-ex·ploit·ed adjective
  • un·ex·ploit·ed adjective
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Word History and Origins

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Example Sentences

Fawning accounts describe his minuet prowess alongside his exploits in defeating the British.

More surprisingly, the technology can protect the lives of poachers as well by preventing them from engaging in illegal exploits, Loucks says.

The story centers on a journalist’s exploits as he travels to lush Snaktooth Island to interview a potentially specious explorer and leader.

We can follow along — Devito chronicled his exploits as “The Great American Winery Stroopwaffle” on YouTube channel and his blog.

Despite my discomfort, I imagined that getting out of the bag to find socks would be a far graver exploit.

Dickens grew up in a London where child labor was ruthlessly exploited.

He exploited a physique that most would try desperately to diminish.

Maybe--but he exploited his profile as effectively as any pinup.

“Mississippi families are being exploited for its reputation of ignorance and lack of education,” the Macomb mother of two wrote.

Better than anyone though, Murdoch saw and exploited the emotional needs satisfied by the pursuit of celebrity.

These were afterwards joined by agents of the Chartered Company which exploited the pearl fisheries of the Mosquito coast.

He was merciful toward erring women, but was unsparing toward every one who exploited them for gain.

I can fully sympathise with their present desire for seclusion and their eagerness not to be exploited by foreigners.

Formamint Tablets are widely advertised and extravagantly exploited to the laity in Great Britain.

Like all patent medicines, Sanatogen is exploited by the testimonial route.


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