[ ik-strak-ter ]

  1. a person or thing that extracts.

  2. (in a firearm or cannon) the mechanism that, after firing, pulls an empty or unfired cartridge or shell case out of the chamber and brings it into place for action by the ejector.

  1. a centrifuge for spinning wet laundry so as to remove excess water.

  2. Medicine/Medical, Dentistry. an instrument for drawing out, extracting, or pulling.

Origin of extractor

First recorded in 1605–15; extract + -or2

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How to use extractor in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for extractor


/ (ɪkˈstræktə) /

  1. a person or thing that extracts

  2. an instrument for pulling something out or removing tight-fitting components

  1. a device for extracting liquid from a solid, esp a centrifugal dryer

  2. short for extractor fan

  3. a fitting in many firearms for removing spent cartridges from the chamber

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