[ ek-struh ]
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  1. beyond or more than what is usual, expected, or necessary; additional: an extra copy of a newspaper; an extra charge.

  2. larger or better than what is usual: an extra binding.

  1. Slang.

    • extremely good.

    • over the top; extreme or excessive: Her behavior is just so extra, so dramatic!

  1. something extra or additional: the little amenities and extras that make life pleasant.

  2. an additional expense.

  1. a special edition of a newspaper, other than a regular edition.

  2. something of superior quality.

  3. Movies, Television. a person hired by the day to play a minor part, as a member of a mob or crowd.

  4. an additional worker.

  5. Usually extras. Cricket. a score or run not made from the bat, as a bye or a wide.

  1. in excess of the usual or specified amount: an extra high price.

  2. beyond the ordinary degree; unusually; uncommonly: done extra well; extra large.

Origin of extra

First recorded in 1770–80; by shortening of extraordinary

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  1. a prefix meaning “outside,” “beyond,” freely used as an English formative: extrajudicial; extraterritorial; extra-atmospheric.

Origin of extra-

<Latin, combining form of extrā (adv. and preposition) outside (of), without

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How to use extra in a sentence

  • Among other extras, the little fellow's hair was treated to a liberal supply of eau de cologne, to his huge gratification.

  • Now the road was in disorder, every train far behind time, and two "extras" were approaching us.

  • Medicine and "medical extras" supplied to the paupers in their homes have been included in the term Outdoor Medical Relief.

  • Doug takes Mary under his wing and ploughs through as though he were doing a scene and the crowd were extras.

    My Wonderful Visit | Charlie Chaplin
  • When he awoke it was nearly dusk and past six o'clock, as he knew by the newsboys calling the sporting extras on the street below.

    Gallegher and Other Stories | Richard Harding Davis

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/ (ˈɛkstrə) /

  1. being more than what is usual or expected; additional

  1. a person or thing that is additional

  2. something for which an additional charge is made: the new car had many extras

  1. an additional edition of a newspaper, esp to report a new development or crisis

  2. films an actor or person temporarily engaged, usually for crowd scenes

  3. cricket a run not scored from the bat, such as a wide, no-ball, bye, or leg bye

  4. US something that is better than usual in quality

  1. unusually; exceptionally: an extra fast car

Origin of extra

C18: perhaps shortened from extraordinary

British Dictionary definitions for extra- (2 of 2)


  1. outside or beyond an area or scope: extrasensory; extraterritorial

Origin of extra-

from Latin extrā outside, beyond, changed from extera, from exterus outward

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