[ ek-strawrs, ek-strawrs ]
/ ɛkˈstrɔrs, ˈɛk strɔrs /

adjective Botany.

turned or facing outward, as anthers that open toward the perianth.

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Origin of extrorse

1855–60; < Late Latin extrorsus in outward direction, equivalent to extr(a)- extra- + (v)orsus (adv.) turned

Related formsex·trorse·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for extrorse



/ (ɛkˈstrɔːs) /


botany turned or opening outwards or away from the axisextrorse anthers

Word Origin for extrorse

C19: from Late Latin extrorsus in an outward direction, from Latin extra- + versus turned towards

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Science definitions for extrorse


[ ĕkstrôrs′ ]

Facing outward, away from the central axis around which a flower is arranged. Used of anthers and the direction in which they open to release pollen.
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