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noun, plural ex·trem·i·ties.
  1. the extreme or terminal point, limit, or part of something.
  2. a limb of the body.
  3. Usually extremities. the end part of a limb, as a hand or foot: to experience cold in one's extremities.
  4. Often extremities. a condition or circumstance of extreme need, distress, etc.: to suffer the extremities of being poor.
  5. the utmost or any extreme degree: the extremity of joy.
  6. an extreme or extraordinary measure, act, etc.: to go to any extremity to feed the children.
  7. extreme nature or character: the extremity of his views on foreign trade.
  8. Archaic. a person's last moment before death.

Origin of extremity

First recorded in 1325–75; Middle English word from Latin word extrēmitās. See extreme, -ity
Related formssu·per·ex·trem·i·ty, noun, plural su·per·ex·trem·i·ties.

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noun plural -ties
  1. the farthest or outermost point or section; termination
  2. the greatest or most intense degree
  3. an extreme condition or state, as of adversity or disease
  4. a limb, such as a leg, arm, or wing, or the part of such a limb farthest from the trunk
  5. (usually plural) archaic a drastic or severe measure
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Word Origin and History for extremities

"hands and feet," uttermost parts of the body, early 15c., plural of extremity. Meaning "a person's last moments" is from c.1600.



late 14c., from Old French estremite (13c.), from Latin extremitatem (nominative extremitas) "the end of a thing," from extremus; see extreme, the etymological sense of which is better preserved in this word.

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extremities in Medicine


  1. An end of an elongated or pointed structure.
  2. A bodily limb or appendage.
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