[ fuh-sil-i-tee ]
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noun,plural fa·cil·i·ties.
  1. Often facilities .

    • something designed, built, installed, etc., to serve a specific function affording a convenience or service: transportation facilities;educational facilities;a new research facility.

    • something that permits the easier performance of an action, course of conduct, etc.:to provide someone with every facility for accomplishing a task;to lack facilities for handling bulk mail.

  2. readiness or ease due to skill, aptitude, or practice; dexterity: to compose with great facility.

  1. ready compliance: Her facility in organizing and directing made her an excellent supervisor.

  2. an easy-flowing manner: facility of style.

  3. the quality of being easily or conveniently done or performed.

  4. Often facilities .Informal. a restroom, especially one for use by the public, as in a theater or restaurant.

  5. freedom from difficulty, controversy, misunderstanding, etc.: facility of understanding.

Origin of facility

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English facilite, from Middle French or directly from Latin facilitās; see facile, -ity

Other words from facility

  • non·fa·cil·i·ty, noun, plural non·fa·cil·i·ties.
  • o·ver·fa·cil·i·ty, noun

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/ (fəˈsɪlɪtɪ) /

nounplural -ties
  1. ease of action or performance; freedom from difficulty

  2. ready skill or ease deriving from practice or familiarity

  1. (often plural) the means or equipment facilitating the performance of an action

  2. rare easy-going disposition

  3. military an organization or building offering supporting capability

  4. (usually plural) a euphemistic word for lavatory

Origin of facility

C15: from Latin facilitās, from facilis easy; see facile

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