false colours

pl n
  1. a flag to which one is not entitled, flown esp in order to deceive: the ship was sailing under false colours

  2. an assumed or misleading name or guise: to trade under false colours

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How to use false colours in a sentence

  • I could only have gone as a professed wizard or prophet—under false colours, in fact.

  • She feels she has been sailing under false colours and desires to make some reparation.

    The Lion and The Mouse | Charles Klein
  • He was sailing under such false colours as her brother's benefactor.

    The Burglar and the Blizzard | Alice Duer Miller
  • He was there under false colours, being a spy of the other camp, but something in him found itself at home among the patriots.

    The Path of the King | John Buchan
  • I said all this just naturally, not wishing him to think that I feared Edmond Czerny nor was willing to hoist false colours.

    The House Under the Sea | Sir Max Pemberton