[ feym ]
/ feɪm /


widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown; public eminence: to seek fame as an opera singer.
common estimation or opinion generally held of a person or thing; reputation.

verb (used with object), famed, fam·ing.

Archaic. to have or spread the renown of; to make famous.

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Origin of fame

1175–1225; Middle English < Anglo-French, Old French < Latin fāma talk, public opinion, repute, akin to fārī to speak

Related formsfame·less, adjectiveout·fame, verb (used with object), out·famed, out·fam·ing.self-fame, noun

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/ (feɪm) /


the state of being widely known or recognized; renown; celebrity
archaic rumour or public report


(tr; now usually passive) to make known or famous; celebratehe was famed for his ruthlessness
Derived Formsfamed, adjective

Word Origin for fame

C13: from Latin f ā ma report; related to fārī to say

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