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[ fahr-uh-wey ]


  1. distant; remote:

    faraway lands.

  2. dreamy, preoccupied:

    a faraway look.


/ ˈfɑːrəˌweɪ /


  1. very distant; remote
  2. dreamy or absent-minded
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Word History and Origins

Origin of faraway1

First recorded in 1810–20; far + away
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Example Sentences

That finding could guide treatments for future astronauts en route to such faraway places as Mars.

As my unused passport gathers ever more dust, food’s power to summon faraway places to my Vermont kitchen has only grown.

Access to knowledge can be shifted away from the faraway monitors in our pocket, to its relevant real-world location.

That could mean a whole new income stream for these travel industry gig workers, who will likely see their in-person customer base return — but now have the resources to cater to faraway clients as well.

From Ozy

Traveling to faraway lands can boost creativity and, when you’re back at work, heighten your productivity.

But for these clerks and secretaries, war is a faraway, almost abstract concept.

Demand is highest in places like China and Southeast Asia, where sudden wealth is fueling the urge to travel to faraway places.

Through his art, Bailey drew attention to poverty and despair in faraway places.

Some wandered in a genial trance wearing the faraway, slightly shell-shocked look of the recently colonically irrigated.

The many Nick Palmers, all buried far too young, killed in our faraway wars.

She jist looked at ye wi' her big black e'en sae vexed-like and faraway lookin', an' never spoke hardly.

There were times when she babbled of faraway scenes, of Williamsburg and her old home, of the streets of Norfolk and Richmond.

However, their guide, mentor, and boss had a faraway look in his eye—seemed impatient to get going.

But Molly did not laugh, as he himself had laughed on that faraway, dreamlike evening in his rooms.

As he rode he sang, while he sang he worshiped, but the god he tried to glorify was a dim and faraway mystery.


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