Verb Phrases

do away with,
  1. to get rid of; abolish; stop.
  2. to kill: Bluebeard did away with all his wives.

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    away with,
    1. take away: Away with him!
    2. go away! leave!: Away with you!
    where away? (of something sighted from a ship) in which direction? where?

Origin of away

before 950; Middle English; Old English aweg, reduction of on weg. See on, a-1, way1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for away



from a particular place; offto swim away
in or to another, usual, or proper placeto put toys away
apart; at a distanceto keep away from strangers
out of existencethe music faded away
indicating motion, displacement, transfer, etc, from a normal or proper place, from a person's own possession, etcto turn one's head away; to give away money
indicating activity that is wasteful or designed to get rid of somethingto sleep away the hours
continuouslylaughing away; fire away
away with a command for a person to go or be removedaway with you; away with him to prison!
far and away by a very great marginfar and away the biggest meal he'd ever eaten
from away Canadian from a part of Canada other than Newfoundland

adjective (usually postpositive)

not presentaway from school
distanthe is a good way away
having started; releasedhe was away before sunrise; bombs away!
(also prenominal) sport played on an opponent's groundan away game
golf (of a ball or player) farthest from the hole
baseball (of a player) having been put out
horse racing relating to the outward portion or first half of a race


sport a game played or won at an opponent's ground


an expression of dismissal

Word Origin for away

Old English on weg on way

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Word Origin and History for away



late Old English aweg, earlier on weg "on from this (that) place;" see a- (1) + way. Colloquial use for "without delay" (fire away, also right away) is from earlier sense of "onward in time" (16c.). Intensive use (e.g. away back) is American English, first attested 1818.

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see back away; bang away; blow away; break away; by far (and away); carry away; cart off (away); cast away; clear out (away); die away; do away with; draw away; eat away; explain away; fade out (away); fall away; fire away; fool away; fritter away; get away; get away with; give away; go away; hammer away; lay aside (away); make away with; out and away; pass away; peg away at; piss away; plug away at; pull away; put away; right away; run away; run away with; salt away; send away; shy away from; slink away; slip out (away); sock away; spirit away; square away; squirrel away; stow away; take away from; take one's breath away; tear away; throw away; tuck away; turn away; walk away from; walk off (away) with; waste away; wear off (away); whale away; when the cat's away; while away.

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