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[ fuh-teegd ]


  1. tired; wearied.

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  • unfa·tigued adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fatigued1

First recorded in 1785–95; fatigue + -ed 2

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Synonym Study

See tired 1.

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Example Sentences

A staffing shortage has left hospitals across the country with fewer respiratory therapists and nurses, and those who remain are fatigued and increasingly frustrated.

Now, 13 months later, she noted that she still felt fatigued and short of breath.

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The presidential hopeful went home fatigued by the talk of, well, Bush Fatigue.

From Time

It is “not just that I’m drawn with a pencil,” she says — it also reflects being fatigued and physically drawn.

Virtual HQs race to win over a remote-work-fatigued marketThe co-founders first piloted Nooks within Stanford, giving it to teaching assistants to use as an engaging layer to summer virtual classes.

During medical school, I often felt fatigued, and needed more energy to get through the brutal call schedules and studying.

Add a recent assault or battery and the mind is simply tired, fatigued, and abused.

He went largely into defensive mode from the first bell, seemingly with the hope of letting Klitschko grow fatigued.

This inward shift should come as no surprise: Israelis are more than fatigued with campaigns focused on war and peace.

Is comedy under attack by an army of pink-fatigued feminists?

Mrs. Armine was fatigued by the journey, and by the long day at Denderah, which had secretly depressed her.

When they reached their home, Madame Phlippon, fatigued with the excursion, retired to her chamber for rest.

Half wet through, and tolerably fatigued, I retired to my couch of dry leaves immediately after partaking of our scanty meal.

The Empress did not come, on account of her recent illness; but the Emperor was there, looking pale, and a little fatigued.

Others go to extremes, and walk for a certain distance, whether they feel fatigued or not by such exertions.


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More About Fatigued

What does fatigued mean?

Fatigued means physically or mentally tired, as in The fatigued construction workers decided to finish work for the day. 

Fatigued is a synonym of words like tired, exhausted, and weary—all words to describe a person who is out of energy. Fatigued describes a state in which you desperately want to sleep or rest.

Fatigued comes from the noun fatigue, which means weariness or lethargy.

If you are unfatigued, you are not fatigued, that is, you have energy.

Example: I took a nap after work because I was fatigued from unloading trucks all day. 

Where does fatigued come from?

The first records of the word fatigued come from around 1785. It combines the noun fatigue with the suffix -ed.

Often, fatigued is used to emphasize that you are tired to the point of nearly collapsing from exhaustion. People with physical jobs that require them to be highly active, such as professional athletes and construction workers, are likely to be described as fatigued because their job requires so much from them physically.

You can be fatigued because of mental work, too, though. If you’ve spent hours a day for several weeks preparing for a college entrance exam, you might be mentally fatigued. Many students feel fatigued after taking a three-hour entrance exam.

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What are some other forms related to fatigued?

  • unfatigued (adjective)

What are some synonyms for fatigued?

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How is fatigued used in real life?

Fatigued is a word people use to describe someone who is extremely tired.

Try using fatigued!

Is fatigued used correctly in the following sentence?

After a good night’s sleep, Andre was completely fatigued and full of energy.




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