[ foh-boo r, -boo rg; French foh-boor ]
/ ˈfoʊ bʊər, -bʊərg; French foʊˈbur /

noun, plural fau·bourgs [foh-boo rz, -boo rgz; French foh-boor] /ˈfoʊ bʊərz, -bʊərgz; French foʊˈbur/.

a suburb or a quarter just outside a French city.

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Origin of faubourg

1425–75; late Middle English faubourgh < Middle French fau(x)bourg, alteration, by association with faux false, of Old French forsborc, equivalent to fors- outside of (< Latin forīs outside; cf. foreign) + borc city ≪ Germanic (see borough)
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British Dictionary definitions for faubourg

/ (ˈfəʊbʊəɡ, French fobur) /


a suburb or quarter, esp of a French city

Word Origin for faubourg

C15: from French fauxbourg, perhaps a modification through folk etymology of Old French forsborc, from Latin foris outside + Old French borc burg
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