/ (ˈfɛðəz) /

pl n
  1. the plumage of a bird

  2. Also called: feathering the long hair on the legs or tail of certain breeds of horses and dogs

  1. informal dress; attire: her best feathers

  2. ruffle feathers to cause upset or offence

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How to use feathers in a sentence

  • The old dowager's voice toned down, and she pulled her black feathers straight upon her head.

    Elster's Folly | Mrs. Henry Wood
  • Admiration for brilliant colours, for moving things, such as feathers, is common to the two.

    Children's Ways | James Sully
  • "They're great pink birds, without any feathers on 'em," replied the Hole-keeper, solemnly.

    Davy and The Goblin | Charles E. Carryl
  • Many of the officials had on high-crowned hats decorated with bunches of feathers and crimson tassels.

    Our Little Korean Cousin | H. Lee M. Pike
  • The Red feathers has not yet been produced, one reason being (perhaps) that it has never been offered to anybody.

    First Plays | A. A. Milne