verb (used with object), fed, feed·ing.

verb (used without object), fed, feed·ing.

(especially of animals) to take food; eat: cows feeding in a meadow; to feed well.
to be nourished or gratified; subsist: to feed on grass; to feed on thoughts of revenge.


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    chain feed, to pass (work) successively into a machine in such a manner that each new piece is held in place by or connected to the one before.
    off one's feed, Slang.
    1. reluctant to eat; without appetite.
    2. dejected; sad.
    3. not well; ill.

Origin of feed

before 950; Middle English feden, Old English fēdan; cognate with Gothic fodjan, Old Saxon fōdian. See food

1, 2. starve.

Related formsfeed·a·ble, adjectiveout·feed, verb (used with object), out·fed, out·feed·ing.re·feed, verb, re·fed, re·feed·ing.un·feed·a·ble, adjective

Synonym study

13. Feed, fodder, forage, provender mean food for animals. Feed is the general word: pig feed; chicken feed. Fodder is especially applied to dry or green feed, as opposed to pasturage, fed to horses, cattle, etc.: fodder for winter feeding; Cornstalks are good fodder. Forage is food that an animal obtains (usually grass, leaves, etc.) by searching about for it: Lost cattle can usually live on forage. Provender denotes dry feed, such as hay, oats, or corn: a supply of provender in the haymow and corn cribs.

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British Dictionary definitions for feedable


verb feeds, feeding or fed (fɛd) (mainly tr)

to give food toto feed the cat
to give as foodto feed meat to the cat
(intr) to eat foodthe horses feed at noon
to provide food forthese supplies can feed 10 million people
to provide what is necessary for the existence or development ofto feed one's imagination
to gratify; satisfyto feed one's eyes on a beautiful sight
(also intr) to supply (a machine, furnace, etc) with (the necessary materials or fuel) for its operation, or (of such materials) to flow or move forwards into a machine, etc
to use (land) as grazing
theatre informal to cue (an actor, esp a comedian) with lines or actions
sport to pass a ball to (a team-mate)
electronics to introduce (electrical energy) into a circuit, esp by means of a feeder
(also intr; foll by on or upon) to eat or cause to eat


the act or an instance of feeding
food, esp that of animals or babies
the process of supplying a machine or furnace with a material or fuel
the quantity of material or fuel so supplied
computing a facility allowing web users to receive news headlines and updates on their browser from a website as soon as they are published
the rate of advance of a cutting tool in a lathe, drill, etc
a mechanism that supplies material or fuel or controls the rate of advance of a cutting tool
theatre informal a performer, esp a straight man, who provides cues
informal a meal
Derived Formsfeedable, adjective

Word Origin for feed

Old English fēdan; related to Old Norse fœtha to feed, Old High German fuotan, Gothic fōthjan; see food, fodder

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Idioms and Phrases with feedable


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