[ fee-ler ]
/ ˈfi lər /


a person or thing that feels.
a proposal, remark, hint, etc., designed to bring out the opinions or purposes of others: Interested in an accord, both labor and management were putting out feelers.
Zoology. an organ of touch, as an antenna or a tentacle.
Also called feeler gauge. Engineering. a gauge having several blades of known thickness, used for measuring clearances.
Nautical. a device for indicating that the lead of a mechanical sounding device has come to the bottom.

Origin of feeler

First recorded in 1520–30; feel + -er1
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/ (ˈfiːlə) /


a person or thing that feels
an organ in certain animals, such as an antenna or tentacle, that is sensitive to touch
a remark designed to probe the reactions or intentions of other people
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Word Origin and History for feeler



early 15c., "one who feels," agent noun from feel (v.). Of animal organs, 1660s. Transferred sense of "proposal put forth to observe the reaction it gets" is from 1830. Related: Feelers.

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Science definitions for feeler


[ fēlər ]

A slender body part used for touching or sensing. The antennae of insects and the barbels of catfish are feelers.
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see put out feelers.

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