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[ fel-oh-ship ]


  1. the condition or relation of being a companion or peer:

    We all belong to the fellowship of humankind.

  2. friendly relationship; companionship:

    the fellowship of father and son.

    Synonyms: comradeship, intimacy, society, friendship, camaraderie

  3. community of interest, feeling, etc.
  4. communion, as between members of the same church.
  5. an association of persons having similar tastes, interests, etc.
  6. a company, guild, or corporation.
  7. Education.
    1. the body of fellows in a college or university.
    2. the position or emoluments of a fellow of a college or university, or the sum of money they receive.
    3. a foundation for the maintenance of a fellow in a college or university.

verb (used with object)

, fel·low·shipped or fel·low·shiped, fel·low·ship·ping or fel·low·ship·ing.
  1. to admit (someone) to fellowship, especially religious communion or community:

    Rather than rejecting the stranger in your midst, welcome her and fellowship her.

verb (used without object)

, fel·low·shipped or fel·low·shiped, fel·low·ship·ping or fel·low·ship·ing.
  1. to join in fellowship, especially religious communion or community.


/ ˈfɛləʊˌʃɪp /


  1. the state of sharing mutual interests, experiences, activities, etc
  2. a society of people sharing mutual interests, experiences, activities, etc; club
  3. companionship; friendship
  4. the state or relationship of being a fellow
    1. mutual trust and charitableness between Christians
    2. a Church or religious association
  5. education
    1. a financed research post providing study facilities, privileges, etc, often in return for teaching services
    2. a foundation endowed to support a postgraduate research student
    3. an honorary title carrying certain privileges awarded to a postgraduate student
  6. often capital the body of fellows in a college, university, etc

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fellowship1

First recorded in 1150–1200; Middle English felauship(e); fellow, -ship

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Example Sentences

Moreover, the suggestion Barrett was a “past faculty member” appears broader than her work as a past speaker with the fellowship as she disclosed at the time to the committee, although that could be splitting hairs.

Check out our full list of jobs and fellowships, and sign up to be notified when there is a new opening.

She tried for a competitive fellowship at the New York Times, and she just didn’t get it, and that’s it.

From Vox

She will also supervise ProPublica’s Emerging Reporters program, a fellowship for students of color working at college journalism outlets.

So, unlike a lot of physicians who get interested in research in medical-school residency or fellowship, I actually went to medical school with the express purpose of becoming a research-based integrative physiologist.

Jason Berry received a 1992 Alicia Patterson Fellowship for his coverage of demagogues in Louisiana.

What a glorious yuletide moment of national fellowship H.R. 83 was!

Matthew Fenner claims members of the North Carolina-based The Word of Faith Fellowship subjected him to a brutal attack.

In order to go to prom, and see his friend, Fenner had to go to Friday night service at the Word of Faith Fellowship.

This stealthy network is known as The Family or The Fellowship.

Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?

She and Bessie not only got along well, but became warm friends and enjoyed sweet fellowship in the Spirit.

Christians who indulge in dancing turn away from God and seek fellowship with the world.

And if I am, I shall hope very soon to exchange it for a happier fellowship, Eva.

He had come to sun himself again in the warmth of her fellowship; he was stirred by her emphasis of their separation and reunion.





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