[fer-uh l, -ool]


Also ferula. a rod, cane, or flat piece of wood for punishing children, especially by striking them on the hand.

verb (used with object), fer·uled, fer·ul·ing.

to punish with a ferule.

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Origin of ferule

1375–1425; late Middle English ferula, ferul(e) giant fennel < Latin ferula schoolmaster's rod (literally, stalk of giant fennel); replacing Old English ferele < Latin


[fer-uh l, -ool]

noun, verb (used with object), fer·uled, fer·ul·ing.


or fer·ule

[fer-uh l, -ool]


a ring or cap, usually of metal, put around the end of a post, cane, or the like, to prevent splitting.
a short metal sleeve for strengthening a tool handle at the end holding the tool.
a bushing or adapter holding the end of a tube and inserted into a hole in a plate in order to make a tight fit, used in boilers, condensers, etc.
a short ring for reinforcing or decreasing the interior diameter of the end of a tube.
a short plumbing fitting, covered at its outer end and caulked or otherwise fixed to a branch from a pipe so that it can be removed to give access to the interior of the pipe.
  1. either of two fittings on the end of a section of a sectional fishing rod, one fitting serving as a plug and the other as a socket for fastening the sections together.
  2. one of two or more small rings spaced along the top of a casting rod to hold and guide the line.

verb (used with object), fer·ruled, fer·rul·ing.

to furnish with a ferrule.

Origin of ferrule

1605–15; alteration (apparently conformed to Latin ferrum iron, -ule) of verrel, verril, late Middle English virole < Middle French (cognate with Medieval Latin virola) < Latin viriola, equivalent to viri(a) bracelet + -ola -ole1

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a flat piece of wood, such as a ruler, used in some schools to cane children on the hand


(tr) rare to punish with a ferule

Word Origin for ferule

C16: from Latin ferula giant fennel, whip, rod; the stalk of the plant was used for punishment


a variant spelling of ferrule




a metal ring, tube, or cap placed over the end of a stick, handle, or post for added strength or stability or to increase wear
a side opening in a pipe that gives access for inspection or cleaning
a bush, gland, small length of tube, etc, esp one used for making a joint


(tr) to equip (a stick, etc) with a ferrule

Word Origin for ferrule

C17: from Middle English virole, from Old French virol, from Latin viriola a little bracelet, from viria bracelet; influenced by Latin ferrum iron

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