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[ fur-vid ]


  1. heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm, etc.:

    a fervid orator.

  2. burning; glowing; intensely hot.

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Other Words From

  • fer·vidi·ty noun
  • fervid·ly adverb
  • non·fervid adjective
  • non·fervid·ly adverb
  • non·fervid·ness noun
  • un·fervid adjective
  • un·fervid·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fervid1

First recorded in 1590–1600, fervid is from the Latin word fervidus boiling. See fervent, -id 4

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Example Sentences

That left the small but fervid legion of believers who had dropped everything feeling upset and sheepish.

Now that the wedding is on, all of the fervid speculation of the last few years seems justified.

But our current fervid post-boom angst and rage has fueled most of the bad reviews.

Will Wallace had left him by that time, and was listening entranced to the fervid exhortations of Dickson of Rutherglen.

Fervid as their Christianity was, it was altogether unprogressive in its form.

Never before had he felt a faith so profound, or an interest so fervid in the genius of any woman.

I was riding by the ranch of Mr. Blank, who had wooed and won our cook after a courtship that was as brief as it was fervid.

His fervid imagination extended the area of his sympathies, and sometimes prejudiced his opinions.