[ fahy-ber ]

nounChiefly British.
  1. a variant of fiber.

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How to use fibre in a sentence

  • Gwynne awoke one morning with an irresistible desire for The Town in every fibre of his being.

    Ancestors | Gertrude Atherton
  • When the respiratory elements and fibre have not been separated, the sum of the two is given.

British Dictionary definitions for fibre


US fiber

/ (ˈfaɪbə) /

  1. a natural or synthetic filament that may be spun into yarn, such as cotton or nylon

  2. cloth or other material made from such yarn

  1. a long fine continuous thread or filament

  2. the structure of any material or substance made of or as if of fibres; texture

  3. essential substance or nature: all the fibres of his being were stirred

  4. strength of character (esp in the phrase moral fibre)

  5. botany

    • a narrow elongated thick-walled cell: a constituent of sclerenchyma tissue

    • such tissue extracted from flax, hemp, etc, used to make linen, rope, etc

    • a very small root or twig

  6. anatomy any thread-shaped structure, such as a nerve fibre

Origin of fibre

C14: from Latin fibra filament, entrails

Derived forms of fibre

  • fibred or US fibered, adjective
  • fibreless or US fiberless, adjective

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