[ fil-er ]
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  1. a person or thing that fills: a filler for pies; a filler of orders.

  2. a thing or substance used to fill a gap, cavity, or the like.

  1. a substance used to fill cracks, pores, etc., in a surface before painting or varnishing.

  2. a liquid, paste, or the like used to coat a surface or to give solidity, bulk, etc., to a substance, as paper or a chemical powder.

  3. Journalism. material, considered of secondary importance, used to fill out a column or page.

  4. an implement used in filling, as a funnel.

  5. cotton, down, or other material used to stuff or pad an object, as a quilt or cloth toy.

  6. material placed between the insole and the exterior sole of a shoe.

  7. Linguistics. (especially in tagmemics) one of a class of items that can fit into a given slot in a construction.

  8. Building Trades. a plate, slab, block, etc., inserted between two parallel members to connect them.

  9. the tobacco forming the body of a cigar.

  10. metal in the form of a rod or wire, used in brazing, welding, and soldering.

Origin of filler

First recorded in 1490–1500; fill + -er1

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[ fee-lair, fil-air ]

noun,plural fil·lér.
  1. an aluminum coin of Hungary, one 100th of a forint.

Origin of fillér

First recorded in 1900–05; from Hungarian, from Middle High German vierer type of coin, equivalent to vier four + -er -er1
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/ (ˈfɪlə) /

  1. a person or thing that fills

  2. an object or substance used to add weight or size to something or to fill in a gap

  1. a paste, used for filling in cracks, holes, etc, in a surface before painting

  2. architect a small joist inserted between and supported by two beams

    • the inner portion of a cigar

    • the cut tobacco for making cigarettes

  3. journalism articles, photographs, etc, to fill space between more important articles in the layout of a newspaper or magazine

  4. informal something, such as a musical selection, to fill time in a broadcast or stage presentation

  5. a small radio or television transmitter used to fill a gap in coverage

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