[ fil-ing ]
/ ˈfɪl ɪŋ /


an act or instance of filling.
something that is put in to fill something else: They used sand as filling for the depression.
Dentistry. a substance such as cement, amalgam, gold, or the like, used to fill a cavity caused by decay in a tooth.
a food mixture that goes into something, as if to fill it: sandwich filling; pie filling.
Also called pick, weft, woof. Textiles. yarn carried by the shuttle and interlacing at right angles with the warp in woven cloth.

Origin of filling

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at fill, -ing1

Related forms

self-fill·ing, adjectiveun·fill·ing, adjective

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Origin of fill

before 900; Middle English fillen, Old English fyllan; cognate with German füllen, Gothic fulljan to make full; see full1

Related forms

fill·a·ble, adjectivehalf-filled, adjectiveun·filled, adjectivewell-filled, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for filling (1 of 2)


/ (ˈfɪlɪŋ) /


the substance or thing used to fill a space or containerpie filling
  1. any of various substances (metal, plastic, etc) for inserting into the prepared cavity of a tooth
  2. the cavity of a tooth so filled
textiles another term for weft


(of food or a meal) substantial and satisfying

British Dictionary definitions for filling (2 of 2)


/ (fɪl) /

verb (mainly tr often foll by up)


material such as gravel, stones, etc, used to bring an area of ground up to a required level
one's fill the quantity needed to satisfy oneto eat your fill

Word Origin for fill

Old English fyllan; related to Old Frisian fella, Old Norse fylla, Gothic fulljan, Old High German fullen; see full 1, fulfil
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Medicine definitions for filling


[ fĭlĭng ]


Material, such as amalgam, gold, or a synthetic resin, used to fill a cavity in a tooth.
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Idioms and Phrases with filling


In addition to the idioms beginning with fill

  • filled to the brim
  • fill in
  • fill out
  • fill someone's shoes
  • fill the bill

also see:

  • back and fill
  • get one's fill of

Also see underfull.

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