[ fahyn-l ]
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  1. pertaining to or coming at the end; last in place, order, or time: the final meeting of the year.

  2. ultimate: The final goal is world peace.

  1. conclusive or decisive: a final decision.

  2. constituting the end or purpose: a final result.

  3. pertaining to or expressing the end or purpose: a final clause.

  4. Law.

    • precluding further controversy on the questions passed upon: The judicial determination of the Supreme Court is final.

    • determining all issues presented, so that no further decision upon the merits of the issues is necessary:a final judgment or decree.

  5. Phonetics. occurring at the end of a word or syllable, as the (t) sound in bit or bite.

  1. that which is last; that which forms an end or termination.

  2. Often finals.

    • the last and decisive game, match, contest, or round in a series, as in sports.

    • the last, usually comprehensive, examination in a course of study.

  1. the last edition of a newspaper published on any day.

  2. Music. the tonic note of a church mode.

Origin of final

First recorded in 1300–50; 1915–20 for def. 10; Middle English, from Latin fīnālis, equivalent to fīn(is) “end” + -ālis adjective suffix; see origin at -al1

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1. See last1.

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  • pseu·do·fi·nal, adjective
  • pseu·do·fi·nal·ly, adverb
  • quasi-final, adjective

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/ (ˈfaɪnəl) /

  1. of or occurring at the end; concluding; ultimate; last

  2. having no possibility for further discussion, action, or change; conclusive; decisive: a final decree of judgment

  1. relating to or constituting an end or purpose: a final clause may be introduced by ``in order to''

  2. phonetics at the end of a word: ``cat'' has a final ``t'' Compare medial (def. 1), initial (def. 1)

  3. music another word for perfect (def. 9b)

  1. a terminal or last thing; end

  2. a deciding contest between the winners of previous rounds in a competition

  1. music the tonic note of a church mode

Origin of final

C14: from Latin fīnālis, from fīnis limit, boundary

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see in the final analysis.

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