[ fi-nan-shuh l, fahy- ]
/ fɪˈnæn ʃəl, faɪ- /


pertaining to monetary receipts and expenditures; pertaining or relating to money matters; pecuniary: financial operations.
of or relating to those commonly engaged in dealing with money and credit.


financials, financial information or data about a company, as balance sheets and price-earnings ratio.

Origin of financial

First recorded in 1760–70; finance + -ial

SYNONYMS FOR financial

1 Financial, fiscal, monetary, pecuniary refer to matters concerned with money. Financial usually refers to money matters or transactions of some size or importance: a financial wizard. Fiscal is used especially in connection with government funds, or those of any organization: the end of the fiscal year. Monetary relates especially to money as such: a monetary system or standard. Pecuniary refers to money as used in making ordinary payments: a pecuniary obligation or reward.

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British Dictionary definitions for financials

/ (fɪˈnænʃəl, faɪ-) /


of or relating to finance or finances
of or relating to persons who manage money, capital, or credit
Australian and NZ informal having money; in funds
Australian and NZ (of a club member) fully paid-up

Derived forms of financial

financially, adverb
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