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[fing-kuh; Spanish feeng-kah]
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noun, plural fin·cas [fing-kuh z; Spanish feeng-kahs] /ˈfɪŋ kəz; Spanish ˈfiŋ kɑs/.
  1. a ranch or large farm in a Spanish-speaking country, especially a plantation in tropical Spanish America.
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Origin of finca

1905–10; < Spanish: property, real estate, farm (apparently orig., amount left over; hence, a sum of money > income from a property > the property itself), derivative of Old Spanish fincar to remain, stative derivative of fincar (Spanish hincar) to drive in, fix, sink (a nail), alteration of ficar (< Vulgar Latin *fīgicāre, for Latin fīgere; cf. fichu), with -n- perhaps from dial. finsar to mark out (ultimately < *fīxāre; see fix)
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  • When they start the finca there is a feast, mucho talk and drinky.

    Kit Musgrave's Luck

    Harold Bindloss

  • The señora, it seems, wants to drive her across to her finca at Orotava to-morrow.

    For Jacinta

    Harold Bindloss

  • They went to the agent's office, and after transshipping their cargo set out one morning for Don Luis' finca.

    Wyndham's Pal

    Harold Bindloss

  • In life tadpoles from Finca La Sumbadora were olive-tan above and dark gray with pale bluish gray irridescent spots ventrally.

  • A finca is a piece of land, with definite boundaries or limits whether large or small, and whether it has buildings on it or not.

    Industrial Cuba

    Robert P. Porter