[ fish-oo; French fee-shy ]
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noun,plural fich·us [fish-ooz; French fee-shy]. /ˈfɪʃ uz; French fiˈʃü/.
  1. a woman's kerchief or shawl, generally triangular in shape, worn draped over the shoulders or around the neck with the ends drawn together on the breast.

Origin of fichu

1795–1805; <French: noun use of fichu, past participle of ficher to drive in, fix (informally, to throw, fling; hence, something put on hastily, loosely attached) <Vulgar Latin *fīgicāre, for Latin fīgere;cf. finca

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How to use fichu in a sentence

  • Mrs. Lawrence laid her smoothing hand absently on a frill of lace fichu above a sternly disciplined bosom at half-heave. '

  • Adjusting his eyeglasses, they slipped from his nose and fell on the lace of her fichu.

    The Second Latchkey | Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  • She was all in black, except a floating muslin cape or fichu, making a beholder despise the finery of the Empire.

    Lazarre | Mary Hartwell Catherwood
  • The bride, who was a beautiful girl, wore a delaine dress of light and dark blue with a large white lace fichu.

  • The green chiffon crossed the shoulders in fichu effect, and the elbow-length sleeves were edged with bands of green.

    What Will People Say? | Rupert Hughes

British Dictionary definitions for fichu


/ (ˈfiːʃuː) /

  1. a woman's shawl or scarf of some light material, worn esp in the 18th century

Origin of fichu

C19: from French: small shawl, from ficher to fix with a pin, from Latin fīgere to fasten, fix

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