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[ fahyuhr-wood ]


  1. wood suitable for fuel.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of firewood1

First recorded in 1350–1400, firewood is from the Middle English word ferwode. See fire, wood 1
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Example Sentences

In remote villages, Melinda and I met women and girls who spent hours every day collecting firewood so they could cook over an open flame in their homes.

From Time

The club that maintains the area also stocks the trailside warming huts with firewood.

Shvalov watched YouTube videos to learn how to drill a well, erect a house and cut and dry his own firewood.

Thanks to smart engineering, it sets up in a minute and is about the size of large firewood log when stored in its bag.

We had a house in New Hampshire, and my job was to cut up the firewood.

A small outdoor television satellite dish sticks out of tall grass alongside a few piles of firewood.

If you have firewood in the state, you have to have the source documentation.

They make a 0.75 cubic foot bag of firewood blazing with a Hotsticks logo.

Firewood is tracked down to “source documentation,” which producers must provide to purchasers.

“Untreated,” in this case, refers to firewood that has not been heat-treated.

"I follow you perfectly," said Maloney, looking as if he would much rather be chopping firewood elsewhere and singing.

On top of the stones lay the most wonderful collection of firewood that you can imagine, all ready to light.

After that, I always brought plenty of firewood to Nimmie Amee and we became very friendly.

Nagpintul siya sa mga sugnud, He is cutting the firewood into lengths.

Jacob and the boys went out to get firewood, and dragged it home through the snow.