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[ furm-lee ]


  1. in a manner or position that is secure and solid:

    Make sure the grab bar is installed properly and remains firmly attached to the wall.

    The well-being of humankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.

  2. in a calm, assertive, or authoritative voice or manner:

    As a teacher I learned how to speak firmly and loudly without being harsh.

  3. in a resolute or unwavering manner:

    When people firmly believe something essential to their worldview, they construct supporting beliefs in order to avoid having that worldview collapse.

  4. in a fixed way; steadily:

    To keep your eyes firmly focused on the road, make sure you have a pair of good sunglasses handy in case the sun becomes dazzling.

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Example Sentences

Earlier this week, Autodesk announced its purchase of Spacemaker, a Norwegian firm that develops AI-supported software for urban development.

The firm did not immediately respond to request for comment.

After pushback from Facebook and other firms, however, Apple delayed implementation of the new policy and launched iOS 14 in September without enabling it.

Matthew Erasquin, a founding partner of the firm Consumer Litigation Associates, is charged in Alexandria federal court with sex trafficking six minors.

Morash suggests cutting a small crosshatch into the trimmed ends before steaming or blanching so that their firm cores cook more quickly.

This is, more or less, the position of political conservatives, who have come down firmly on the side of the fracking industry.

An older and firmly round fellow with a trim beard leaned his head back and fought off tears.

“Hollywood dilutes material to a level I have no interest in, or intention following,” Wiseman says firmly.

“I firmly and wholeheartedly reject the allegations,” Hawking said from a Cambridge Hospital.

I moved to Washington in 1988 with the folk etymology of lobbyist firmly in mind.

The cigar stump held firmly between his teeth, he stood on the rug before the hearth, facing the door.

It was locked there so firmly that a score of men had to labor for hours next day ere it could be cleared.

There was an opinion in some quarters that we had done all we could, but I resolved firmly to make one more attempt.

The fibre can be separated with great facility, though firmly attached at one end to the parent rock.

His strong hands would firmly retain whatever they wished to hold.





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