[ sted-i-lee ]
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  1. in a way that moves constantly and at an even pace or in the same direction: My dedication and commitment to teaching are proven by my steadily increasing student evaluation scores.Despite numerous legislative attempts to constrain spending over the past 40 years, the deficit problem has marched steadily on.

  2. in a continuous, uniform way: It rained steadily all day yesterday and by evening the river was almost overflowing.

  1. in a calm, fixed, or unwavering way: He just stood there, holding his ground and gazing steadily at her, into those dark eyes.

  2. in a firm, stable way: Binoculars with larger magnification tend to be overly bulky and difficult to hold steadily.

  3. in a determined, persevering, or resolute way: She told him, “Seek peace of mind and hold steadily to your faith.”

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  • o·ver·stead·i·ly, adverb

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