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[ reg-yuh-ler-lee ]


  1. at regular times or intervals.
  2. according to plan, custom, etc.
  3. usually; ordinarily:

    The dress is regularly $45 but is now on sale for $30.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of regularly1

First recorded in 1520–30; regular + -ly

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Example Sentences

Adams began regularly picking up garbage in June, but his daily walks became a ritual more than a decade ago as part of a rigorous exercise routine.

So, if your Valentine is someone you’ve been seeing safely and regularly during the pandemic, you can pretty much act as if they’re your live-in partner.

However, for this content-centric subscriber retention strategy to work, a streamer needs to be able to regularly refresh its programming library.

From Digiday

Over the course of the year, Quinnipiac University regularly asked Americans how concerned they were about they or their families contracting the virus.

Worst of all, he regularly wakes up my husband in the middle of the night just to announce that he needs to use the restroom.

Someone who regularly rebels against the most socially sanctioned night of the year?

She also tracks his deteriorating health through the harrowing videos of the captives regularly released by the Nusra Front.

He did not plead guilty, and has regularly filed petitions in an effort to prove his innocence.

I was briefly scared into eating regularly, but all too soon, the fears fade and my old habits return.

The family contends that Muataz was regularly abused and further threatened with rape.

The announcements of the meets in this and adjoining counties appear regularly in the Midland Counties' Herald.

Sir Walter Scott smoked in his carriage, and regularly after dinner, loving both pipes and cigars.

The engine is now working regularly twelve strokes per minute, with 60 lbs.

Clean your tube regularly, and your amber mouthpiece with a feather dipped in spirits of lavender.

Congress resolved to establish the bank of North America, being the first regularly established bank in the country.





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