/ ˈfɪʃɪz /


  1. the Fishes
    the constellation Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac


  1. Traditionally, a class of vertebrates that breathe with gills rather than lungs , live in water, and generally lay eggs , although some bear their young alive. Some biologists consider the fishes a “superclass,” and divide them into three classes: bony fishes, such as sunfish and cod; fishes with a skeleton formed of cartilage rather than bone, such as sharks; and fishes that lack jaws, such as lampreys.

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Example Sentences

His most famous miracle was making a few loaves and fishes feed a multitude.

Fortunately for libertarian-minded voters, Palin and Cruz are hardly the only fishes in the sea.

At 20 he switched to a more glitzy approach after wowing an audience with a playful rendition of “Three Little Fishes.”

But fans say they miss them already—even if some are sleeping with the fishes.

Here we have the collision of The Godfather “sleep with the fishes” line with the world of underwater creatures.

He swims every day in the river; he fishes from his bamboo raft; he hunts in the forest with his father.

I've seen just enough of flying fishes to hanker after Mandalay, just enough of Spaniards to long for a sight of Spain.

And its watery places shall be dry, all they shall mourn that made pools to take fishes.

And He had just filled four thousand hungry people with seven loaves and a few small fishes!

And thou wilt make men as the fishes of the sea, and as the creeping things that have no ruler.


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Is Fishes A Word?

And is fishes in the dictionary?

Fishes is a word. It is a plural form of the noun fish. This can cause some confusion because fish is the more common plural of the singular noun fish. However, when referring to two or more species of fish, fishes is a valid plural form. 

Additionally, fishes is the third-person singular conjugation of the verb fish, as in He fishes off the dock every morning, trying to catch several species of fishes.