[ fish-er ]
/ ˈfɪʃ ər /


a narrow opening produced by cleavage or separation of parts.
Anatomy. a natural division or groove in an organ, as in the brain.

verb (used with object), fis·sured, fis·sur·ing.

to make fissures in; cleave; split.

verb (used without object), fis·sured, fis·sur·ing.

to open in fissures; become split.

Origin of fissure

1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin fissūra cleaving, cleft, fissure, equivalent to fiss(us) divided (see fissi-) + -ūra -ure


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British Dictionary definitions for fissure

/ (ˈfɪʃə) /


any long narrow cleft or crack, esp in a rock
a weakness or flaw indicating impending disruption or discordfissures in a decaying empire
anatomy a narrow split or groove that divides an organ such as the brain, lung, or liver into lobesSee also sulcus
a small unnatural crack in the skin or mucous membrane, as between the toes or at the anus
a minute crack in the surface of a tooth, caused by imperfect joining of enamel during development


to crack or split apart

Word Origin for fissure

C14: from medical Latin fissūra, from Latin fissus split
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Medicine definitions for fissure

[ fĭshər ]


A deep furrow, cleft, or slit.
A developmental break or fault in the enamel of a tooth.
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Science definitions for fissure

[ fĭshər ]

A long, narrow crack or opening in the face of a rock. Fissures are often filled with minerals of a different type from those in the surrounding rock.
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