or flat iron

[ flat-ahy-ern ]


  1. an iron for pressing clothes or fabric, especially an old-fashioned, nonelectric one that is typically made of cast iron and heated on a woodstove:

    I kept an old, heavy flatiron from my great-grandmother’s house as a memento.

  2. Usually flat iron. an electric device for straightening or styling hair by pulling it between two flat, heated surfaces:

    It takes me forever to straighten my hair with a flat iron.

  3. Usually flat iron steak. a cut of beef taken from the chuck, or front shoulder:

    This grilled flat iron steak is marinated in a garlic and herb sauce.

    The prix fixe menu combines three cuts—hanger, ribeye, and flat iron—with a variety of Korean accompaniments.

  4. a building that is triangular in shape (usually used attributively):

    The flatiron building downtown was built in 1892.

  5. Geology. (especially in the Western United States) a long, triangular, crested ridge that resembles an iron resting on its base.

verb (used with object)

  1. Usually flat iron. to style (hair) with a flat iron:

    I went from blow-drying and flat ironing my hair every day to just drying it naturally.


/ ˈflætˌaɪən /


  1. (formerly) an iron for pressing clothes that was heated by being placed on a stove, etc

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Word History and Origins

Origin of flatiron1

First recorded in 1735–45; flat 1 + iron

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Example Sentences

Eataly Flatiron Since opening in mid-2010, Eataly has attracted plenty of attention.

(Imagine the Flatiron building collapsing one sunny, rush-hour evening).

The best are Chambers Street Wines, Astor Wines and a new one I just discovered that I love called Flatiron Wine Spirits.

Old women in their nightcaps run into the streets, with a washhand basin or a flatiron.

What does your mother do, when she wants to find out whether the flatiron is hot enough to iron?

That night Tom had been down on the other side of the river, and was coming up—coming to me—past the Flatiron wharf.

Listening again, she heard the sound of a flatiron thumping an ironing board.

She knocked, and the door was opened by a little middle-aged woman who held a hot flatiron in one hand.





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