[ flog-er, flawg- ]
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  1. a person who beats another with a whip or stick, especially as punishment: Each of the detained offenders received ten strokes of a rattan cane from a masked and hooded flogger.

    • a whip used to beat a partner for mutual sexual gratification: Many dominants are attached to a favorite flogger or pair of restraints.

    • a person who beats a partner for mutual sexual gratification: Since some floggers are rougher than others, give judicious consideration to which of you is to flog the other.

  1. Slang. a person who promotes, advertises, or sells something, especially vigorously or aggressively: These stickers can be used to keep floggers from coming to your door to cajole and bully you into signing up for bad deals.

Origin of flogger

First recorded in 1700–10; flog + -er1

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How to use flogger in a sentence

  • The sentence of the court was carried out by a scourger, sometimes called flagellator, or flogger.

    The Book of the Bush | George Dunderdale
  • They were friends of the Bartons, and Old John, the ex-flogger, trained them in the art of cattle-lifting.

    The Book of the Bush | George Dunderdale
  • It was generally given out as "piece work" to one man, the "master-flogger," as you might term him, who employed the others.

  • Two should hold her by the arms while the professional flogger seared the white soft back of her.

    The Adventures of Kathlyn | Harold MacGrath
  • I no more care for a flogging than a boy does at Eton: and only let the flogger beware—I will be a match for him, I warrant you.